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Derrière le miracle

How Egypt Switched Off the Internet: Tech News and Analysis «

Ferguson suggests that, if nothing else, the methods used by the Egyptian government prove how fragile digital communication really is.

The New York Times’s Dealings With Julian Assange

"Editor in chief Bill Keller’s fascinating first-hand account of The Times’s relationship with Assange and WikiLeaks. Worth it just for the sly description of WikiLeaks as “a secretive cadre of antisecrecy vigilantes”."

To Rebrand or Not Rebrand

"In most of these cases, changes need to be made to areas of the company. Rebranding can be a good remedy only if your diagnosis is a sick brand."

How Niche Communities Build Brand Awareness

"This is where the hard work begins. I am convinced that the “niche community”—a small yet loyal network of followers that anticipate your every post, tweet or blog post—is the more effective way to nurture your network, one person at a time."

Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling

When a Price Tag becomes a Price Trap

Documentary Series or Magazine? A Matter of Depth and Opinion

Implications and Benefits of Co-Design

A Critical Trend for B2B Marketer Success: The Expansion of Marketing's Role

"That critical trend: leaders' definition of marketing has once again evolved, or more accurately, extended into more areas within business including, Operations, Finance and Human Resources."

Infographics then and now

My 5 Favorite, but Often Ignored, Marketing Tactics

"Marketing Tactic #5: Ask and you’ll receive"