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Space Shuttle Launch, Viewed From an Airplane

Relationship Marketing Innovators: 5 Best Practices At

"When implemented as part of your organization's overall strategic plan (not just the marketing plan), his five ideas will transform your organization from a transaction-driven enterprise to a relationship-driven one."

Naked Password

"Here’s a fun way to encourage users to set more secure passwords: The whole idea of naked password. is to encourage users to enter stronger passwords. The beautiful model Sally tastefully removes items of clothing as the password grows stronger."

The last place you want your logo to appear

"Skype in the Classroom" Launches to Connect Teachers & Students Worldwide

"Teachers use Skype to open their students to a world beyond the classroom walls. They use it to bring experts, authors, and guest instructors into the classroom, those who would never otherwise be able to visit the school. Students can take virtual field trips, if you will, via Skype as they're connected to places through video chat."

How To Learn From Your Creative Failures.

"Get used to the failure. It’s your one truest friend in this creativity game."

When Are Consumers Most Receptive?

"Beyond the obvious fact that only people who have money can spend it, it turns out there is a more subtle and complex change in our spending related to when we are paid."

Helping Brands Get A Return On Their Facebook Investment, Pays Off For North Social

"North Social offers 19 different Facebook apps delivered in a single self-service subscription, allowing businesses of all sizes to create engaging fan pages and fan experiences."

Eco-flooring saves wood by following trees' natural curves

"A new Dutch innovation, however, earns its green credentials by cutting floorboards in such a way as to follow the hardwood's natural curves."

How Sun Almost Bought Apple in 1996

"says former Sun CEO Scott McNealy. “If we had bought Apple, there wouldn’t have been iPods or iPads … I’d have screwed that up,”"

The Hangover 2 trailer

Tuk-Tuk wifi

"Launched in Phnom Penh last year, the tuk-tuks provide free internet access to anyone in the immediate area, and serve as a showroom for the company's products and services, which can be purchased on the spot."