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Detective Avenue : une fiction interactive sur 3 écrans

"Comment se construit une websérie interactive aujourd’hui ? Comment peut-on la financer ? Quelles mécaniques de jeu autour d’une fiction audiovisuelle ? Quelques éclaircissements sur Detective Avenue avec Laurent Guérin, producteur."

Infographic of the day: History of Printing

Etude de cas : Dexter version transmedia

10 Reasons Public Multi-Platform Funding is Broken & Ways to Fix It

Facebook Acting Buggy? You Could Be a Test Subject

"There is incredible anxiety for users in updating their status:
Out of users that enter three or more characters into the status update box, 17% don't post anything at all."

Who Developed The Original Facebook Logo?

"However, at some point in 2005 , Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg supposedly sought out the assistance of Cuban Council to help with the logo."

Five Signs You Need A Marketing Makeover

"You'll know it's time to go back to the marketing drawing board if you can identify any one of the following red flags happening at your small business. But be warned: Invasive plastic surgery of your brand can do more harm than good."

The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened

"No matter what message you’re sending or service you’re selling, if you remind your reader that someone understands what they are going through and cares about helping them, you will become their temporary hero."

Transmedia and Me – One Year Later

"A year ago, I stopped using the term transmedia in reference to my company and my company’s projects. I had just returned from SXSW in time to catch the first ‘Transmedia, Hollywood’ conference, and the cross-currents going on in the transmedia space forced me to re-evaluate my use of the term."

Awkward Stock Photos

What is Transmedia?

"Transmedia storytelling is a large umbrella that covers multiple single-media projects and a single multiple-media project… and of course the two combined."

Shared Story Worlds – Scott Walker

"...the site appears to have two main components. On one side, its articles section will document and deconstruct trends in collaborative storytelling; on the other, the site will curate the most interesting collaborative storyworlds available on the internet – along with useful information about their copyright/licensing setup and ownership."