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Twitter: Introducing the Follow Button

"Today we’re excited to launch the Follow Button, a new way to discover and instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit everyday."

Anchor produces quick ‘Newsburst’ social media newscast

"During a commercial break on WTMJ’s morning newscast, anchor Vince Vitrano shoots “Newsburst,” a quick, informal video newscast he shares on social media. “I wanted to have a little more fun with it out on our news set, and include my co-anchor Susan Kim,” Vitrano explains."

For Your Company To Last, The "Brand" Must Die. But Stories Should Survive

Fast Company presents three keys to powerful storytelling: Engage meaningfully, Dissolve boundaries, Celebrate language.

How Often Facebook Users Change Their Photo [INFOGRAPHIC]

"Did you know that the average Facebook user will change their profile photo 18 times this year? That’s three times as often as in 2006."

How to set up Outlook to avoid sender's remorse

"We have an Undo button everywhere except the most important place: Send Email. There should be a 5-second buffer available in every email program. (Gmail has it... get with the program, MS Outlook and Apple Mail teams!)"

iA Writer for Mac

Lancement Programmation Radio-Canada 2011-2012

Lancement programmation Télé-Québec 2011-2012

Lancement de Programmation Évasion et Zeste 2011-12

CBC’s 2011-2012 Season Preview Highlights

How Facebook pushes new code live

"As a developer you will shepherd your changes out from the time you check it into trunk, to the time you release it out to your mom.

There is no army of people who are going to vet it and check it.
You are accountable.

Subversion and git are used for version control.
UI tests are Watir and Selenium.

Oncall duties are serious. When you are on call, you are the guy."

Do you believe in creative coincidences?

Two brands, one concept. A first? I'm curious.