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Tree testing: an important step early in the web design process

a list of the world's top Unicode charaters (The world's 100 best Unicode characters)

"Using a Hot or Not style interface, Daniel Temkin is trying to crowdsource a list of the world's top Unicode charaters. (via @cory_arcangel"

5 Ways to Find Your B2B Company's Online Fans

6 Excellent Tools For Writing Without Distractions

Local TV iPhone app tops the iTunes charts

"Here’s a first for local TV. Orlando’s WESH-TV has produced a 99 cent iPhone app that has topped the paid news app chart on the iTunes store. And they did it by focusing the app on a single story with a national following: the Casey Anthony trial."

Clever Foursquare Hack Turns New York City Into a Giant Game of Risk

Org Charts

The origins of the Yahoo logo

"Seems like Boingboing found what the Yahoo logo was inspired by, interesting."

Recycling computer files

"Dumpster Drive is an OS X app that fileshares the contents of your computer's Trash so that others can grab them and make use of them."

« De l’autre Côté », un webdocumentaire sur l’immigration

"« De l’autre côté » est un webdocumentaire en cours de production qui a pour thème l’immigration en Europe. Ses deux auteurs, Jérémy Cheong Chi Mo et Andrea Coccia ont répondu à nos questions il y a quelques jours afin de dévoiler leur projet."

First Night With Google Plus: This is Very Cool

"Google has built an attractive, intuitive, intelligent service that's fun to use and speaks to a deep human need for contextual integrity of communication. There is not just public/private, life is more complex than that. This need, unmet by almost any other social network today, is where Google is aiming to win the hearts of users."

How Symantec Cracked Stuxnet