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If the Client Was Always Right, It Wouldn't Need an Ad Agency

"Embracing the idea that the client isn't always right does not make you a prima donna or high maintenance or egotistical -- it makes you a professional!"

People Love To Tell Stories About Their Cars

"The animation is great, and the stories from real customers are great. This is a classic example of how consumer-generated content is made better by the brand. For me, that’s always been the key to consumer involvement in advertising. The agency has to make the consumer’s creation better than it might otherwise be on its own."

B2B Marketing: Time To Bring The Digital + Physical Worlds Together?

"In CSO Insights' 2010 Lead Generation Optimization study, companies were asked which of their marketing programs produced the best lead generation results. Search marketing and social media didn't manage to crack the top five while face-to-face contact was #2, indicating that a mix of channels is still required."

WpFacepages – The Best WordPress Plugin for Facebook

Check In

YouTube embraces Google+ Hangouts for live streaming — Online Video News

Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

"Users of Internet Explorer 6, released in 2001, scored the lowest on the tests, at just over 80. Users of Opera, the Norway-based browser, scored the highest at well over 120. (What AptiQuaint called its complete results included a bar graph showing the scores, but didn't appear to have text giving the exact numbers.)"

The Bestselling Colors in the Book World

Jeff Gomez Talks about Pottermore in Forbes Magazine

PhoneGap 1.0 Launches Today

Design Legacy: A Social History Of Jamaican Album Covers

"Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find a dozen genres lurking beneath the tie-died surface of roots reggae. On the album covers belonging to these genres, moreover, you’ll find a dozen different — and sometimes contradictory — visual images of what it has meant to be Jamaican, besides the template of the righteous Rastafarian popularized by Bob Marley."

How do people watch Netflix and Hulu (chart)

"Nielsen has released some terrific data that compares how people watch Netflix and Hulu — and what they watch when they do. I was surprised a bit by this chart, especially the computer-to-TV number"