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Posters from the 1920s—Art Deco Style!

Storytelling without bounds

10 Facebook Timeline Designs That Will Blow You Away [PICS]

Apple's NDA Disclosed: Why You Won't See The iPhone 5 Until Tim Cook's Ready

"Apple then took pictures of the device padlocked to the desk, making sure to capture the table's wood grain. That way if any pictures did leak, Apple could trace the images back to the particular desk and wood grain they were taken on, and thus trace the leaks to the company in its possession."

Homeless Guy makes more money using Square and mobile payments

AOL Picks Up Jennifer Lopez Web Series

Facebook ‘Discussions’ feature on pages being discontinued on October 31st

The past and the future of famous logos

Moods on Twitter Follow Biological Rhythms, Study Finds –

",,, researchers discovered that the emotional tone of people’s messages followed a similar pattern not only through the day but also through the week and the changing seasons. The new analysis suggests that our moods are driven in part by a shared underlying biological rhythm that transcends culture and environment."

How Facebook Mobile Was Designed to Write Once, Run Everywhere

Google Analytics Finally Goes Real Time (Plus New Premium Accounts)

Vintage Disney Brand Book Circa 1940′s